Wednesday, 19/01/2011 // Press release - Motorrad-Ecke keeps going

The business operations of the insolvent Motorrad-Ecke GmbH, based in
Villingen-Schwenningen, are to be continued under the management of the former managing director, Mustafa Özbek. This has been decided by agreement between insolvency administrator Wolfgang Bilgery of Stuttgar law firm
Grub Brugger & Partner and Mustafa Özbek. Extensive restructuring will be required in order to bring the company back into profitability. The aim is to keep and continue as many of the total of 26 branches as possible. However, it is inevitable that some branches making a loss will have to close. A maximum of 50 of the 103 jobs will be retained. The details of the restructuring concept will be finalised in the next two weeks.

Mustafa Özbek founded Motorrad-Ecke GmbH in 1983, building it up to become Germany’s leading supplier of motorbike clothing, helmets and accessories. Following the arrival of new shareholders, Özbek left the management team in March 2010. After suffering a significant fall in sales in 2010 and posting considerable losses, Motorrad-Ecke filed for insolvency in November 2010. Business operations were initially continued by the insolvency administrator.
With the exception of the Schwenningen branch, all branches have been closed since Christmas for stock-taking.

Özbek intends to return Motorrad-Ecke to its former strength. This means that Motorrad-Ecke will continue to stock a wide range of all leading suppliers and provide expert staff. Online trading is to be expanded.

Contact:    Dr. Wolfgang Bilgery, tel.: 0711/96689-41