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Thursday, 30/10/2014 // Windreich GmbH: Balz presents insolvency plan for Windreich GmbH

Press release

Windreich GmbH:
Balz presents insolvency plan for Windreich GmbH

Stuttgart/Wolfschlugen, 8 October 2014

Willi Balz is again managing director of the insolvent

Tuesday, 10/09/2013 // certification verification

"The outstanding quality of our work is demonstrated not only by our regular presence in recommendation and best-of lists, but also certifed compliance with

Wednesday, 27/06/2012 // Press Release - Ziemann

Thursday, 19/05/2011 // Press release-COBRA Schmuck: insolvency administrator keeps workforce informed

The temporary insolvency administrator Wolfgang Bilgery informed the workforce of COBRA Schmuck GmbH in a works meeting this afternoon of the current status of the insolvency proceedings. The

Wednesday, 13/04/2011 // PRESS RELEASE-Schiesser wants to postpone IPO

Radolfzell, 13.04.2011 – Schiesser AG had originally intended to seek a listing in the second quarter of this year. Now, though, Germany’s biggest underwear manufacturer wants to take its time and

Friday, 18/03/2011 // Press release-Schiesser goes it alone without Joop

Radolfzell, 18 March 2011 - The cooperation between Schiesser AG and Wolfgang Joop that has been the subject of negotiation in recent months will not now come about. The Radolfzell company said

Wednesday, 19/01/2011 // Press release - Motorrad-Ecke keeps going

The business operations of the insolvent Motorrad-Ecke GmbH, based in
Villingen-Schwenningen, are to be continued under the management of the former managing director, Mustafa Özbek. This has

Tuesday, 04/01/2011 // Press Release-Insolvency proceedings on Schiesser AG officially terminated on 28 December

* * * * *Insolvency proceedings on Schiesser AG officially terminated on
           28 December
* * * * *Board of Schiesser AG takes

Monday, 13/12/2010 // PRESS RELEASE–Konstanz district court approves insolvency plan for Schiesser AG

Radolfzell, 13 December 2010 – Stefan Lissner, the registrar appointed by Konstanz district court, today confirmed the insolvency plan of Schiesser AG.
With the creditors’ meeting of

Thursday, 09/12/2010 // PRESS RELEASE–Shareholders’ meeting of Schiesser AG says yes to IPO

Radolfzell, 9 December 2010 – The creditors of Schiesser AG, at a meeting in Konstanz district court today chaired by registrar Stefan Lissner, gave its consent to the insolvency plan put forward

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